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Lac St. Louis Region Figure Skating

Welcome to the Lac St. Louis Region Figure Skating.

The Lac St-Louis (LSL) region includes 12 figure skating clubs, with 2 Sport-Études programs (Sport-Études Program CPA des Deux Rives and Sport-Études Program CPA Dollard) and 3 Sport Concentrations (Concentration CPA des Deux Rives, Concentration CPA Dollard, Concentration Outremont). The LSL Region is regrouping about 3,500 members.

Regional executive

Function Name AGM 2023 reports
President: Anna Marie Marx
Vice-president and treasurer: Ann Cronin
Secretary: Laetitia Debout
Competitions director: Sylvie Leduc AGM 2023 Report
Test director: Sue Barnard AGM 2023 Report
Officials' director: Jean-François Touchette
Laureates director: Tina Vesivalo
Data specialists director: Jenny Lee
Development director: Jean-François Hébert
Coaches representative: Junlian Leblanc

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